So , Instagram is down at the moment so I have some time to write a blog post! I’m really going to be spending more time blogging as I know some of you are not on Facebook and so do not see my posts in my Group.

As I said in my first post, I really want to spend time sharing my mommy fashion tips, nutrition loves and I’m an avid reader who loves to talk books! Please feel free to comment and we can get a forum going on here ❤️

I want to spend this post sharing one of my favourite activewear companies and a style of bottoms I can’t get enough of! I think I have one in every colour. 

It is the Align Pant at Lululemon! I wear the 25 “ . They are super lightweight and high rise (perfect after having 3 kids 😉) . The are so soft and comfortable. I wear them around the house, picking the kids up and to the gym. They aren’t as sweat proof as some other styles but they fit well. Be sure to size down as I find they do stretch! 

They are easy to wash and you can even tumble dry them at low. A bonus for sure when you have loads of laundry to do every week! 😂



Always in Health,