As I post on Instagram and YouTube, I recognize they are 100% videos! So I’m taking some time for you to get to know me a little better.

I was born in Taipei , Taiwan and my parents moved us to Saskatoon , Saskatchewan , Canada when I was 3 months old. 👶🏻 

I felt extremely fortunate growing up in Saskatoon. It was a beautiful and extremely warm (not weather wise 😬) and  friendly city. I made some everlasting friendships that I will cherish forever. 

I wasn’t all that athletic growing up. In fact, I was far from it! I couldn’t catch a ball for the life of me and didn’t join any sports teams. I stuck with band and choir instead 😂

I went to the University of Saskatchewan where I completed a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. My father was a distance runner and suggested I try running with him at the local recreation centre. I decided to give it a try and I remember struggling to keep up with him after 5 minutes ! 

(I continued to run and began training for 10km and Half Marathon races.)


I wasn’t doing all that much in the way of fitness at that time. The rec centre held box aerobics classes in the centre of the running track. I would watch in awe as they had close to 100 participants in each class! I asked a friend one day to join me . 

I was hooked. I began attending those classes 3-4 times per week and after a couple months, I decided I wanted to teach it. 

I went on to receive my group fitness certification and began teaching all kinds of classes at that rec centre. 

I had found my passion. I truly loved it and wanted more. I decided to get my Personal Fitness Trainer diploma through Mount Royal University . I competed the 2 year correspondence course at the same time I made a career move. I was offered a job in Ontario to work was a Microbiologist in a Pharmaceutical company . 

I packed up and made the move there. With no family nearby, I immersed myself into work and found a few fitness clubs to teach at. My 9-5 job was mundane however I was always excited to begin my second job teaching fitness classes.  I definitely knew that I needed to make a permanent career change.