Loving Words from Lovely People

“Cindy Yu has been our personal trainer since 2015. That was the year my husband retired and we decided we needed to stay fit to best enjoy our retirement years. Since working out with Cindy, as our trainer, our lifestyle and activities have improved greatly. Through her fitness training the strengthening and conditioning of our bodies have been the catalyst for these improvements. She has been very flexible and adaptable to our changing needs both in scheduling and structure of the fitness programs. We have also welcomed her personality as it has helped to provide us with encouragement and motivation to keep going.”

Terry and Karen Sakamoto

“My week never feels right if I haven’t been to a few of
Cindy’s classes. When I have to miss one, for whatever
reason, I feel sorry for myself. It’s like missing out on
a good party. Her workouts are fun and challenging.
She is so inspiring and encouraging. I leave feeling
great, happy and ready to take on the world.”

Lora Saccomani

“I met Cindy for the first time last year, at a local gym and fell in love with her radiant personality, challenging classes, and motivation. I signed up for her classes, which exceeded my expectations. I became her regular client. She trains my 14 year old daughter now too. I always look forward to our sessions. During our one on one sessions, Cindy pushes me to the limits by keeping me motivated. If you are looking forward to achieving your fitness goals, she is the best one to go to!”

Roksana Nor

“I have been on my fitness journey with Cindy Yu for almost 10 years. During that time Cindy has inspired and motivated me to push beyond my limits!! If you think you can’t do one more clean and press or are running out of energy in the last 10 seconds of a cardio set, she will yell out incentives to make you finish the set strong!! Cindy exceeds the term “dedication”, she is ALWAYS there every single class, no matter what and that encourages me to be more dedicated to my own personal commitments. Cindy is always coming up with new, innovated workouts that make her classes fun and exciting not to mention target different areas that add to making changes in your body. Her music is always new and timed perfectly to engage you and make it lively!! Cindy has made a huge impact on my life over the years, I am stronger and fitter now than I was in my 20’s, thanks to her unwavering dedication and commitment to her clients.

Beyond grateful for your workouts, Cindy!!!”
Jennifer Doedel

“I started attending Cindy’s classes years ago. At first I thought “ how can she possibly be so strong”. Then followed by “I’ll never be able to lift that amount of weight”. But over time, I am lifting that weight and continue to gradually increase. She has the ability to constantly challenge every fitness level. It’s because of her infectious enthusiasm and drive that makes her training style so addictive. Now focusing in her small group training, she continues to motivate and push me to my maximum. I’m surprised by what I have been able to achieve. Not sure when my “maximum “will be truly maxed out… but I’m no where close to finding out!”

Dana Moir